If I can do this, so can you


I have seen tutorials explaining how to make korker ribbon all over the internet, so I thought I would give it a try: 

Difficulty level:  Super easy


dowel rod

ribbon (any ribbon will work-I used grosgrain)

clothes pin

Aluminum foil


Attach the ribbon to one end of the dowel rod using a clothes pin. 

Wrap the ribbon around the dowel rod.  Do not over lap your ribbon. The closer you wrap it, the tighter your curls.

Attach the other end of the ribbon to the dowel rod using a clothes pin.

Put the rods on aluminum foil and place in the center rack of your oven. 

Bake at 275 for 20 minutes.  You can peel back one end of the ribbon to make sure it has enough curl.  If it is still too loose, keep baking.

Unwrap the ribbon and you are DONE!!!!

Wasn’t that so easy?  Now you have endless options for these cute curly ribbons.  You can attach them to an alligator clip or a pony O for a pony tail holder.  I made a black spider for Halloween:


Strawberries and Cheesecake June 13, 2010

I had to bake a NY style Cheesecake for an upcoming wedding.  I always make two (one for them, one for me). AND since it is strawberry season, I thought it would be more fun to make cheesecake bites, tucked inside of a strawberry.  These are very easy to make, and not messy to eat!  Perfect for a party…OR like me, make a tray and put them in the fridge. Then grab one every time you pass by 🙂  Since it is fruit, it is not unhealthy?


You will need:

NY STYLE CHEESECAKE (there are a ton of recipes online to try)


Optional: Choc. drizzle


OK, so it is SUPER EASY:

Bake your cheesecake and let it cool.

Take your strawberry and scoop out the stem and the middle:

Then, scoop your cheesecake and stuff it in the middle.  



Next i would drizzle some chocolate over the top, but my family got their little mittens on it before I could take a picture of it. But it really did taste good! 

Now is the perfect time since it is strawberry season! 


Stepping stones May 18, 2010

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My mom’s birthday was last week.  What do you get someone who already has everything? Personally, I have a list of things I “need” and wait until my birthday or Christmas until I get them…but if she needs something, she can just go buy it…leaving us stumped when it comes time to buying her a present. 

My mom is a GREAT gardner.  Her house is perfectly landscaped, her tomatoe plants actually yeild tomatoes and her flowers don’t look wilted.  So, I thought she would like some stepping stones for her garden with her grandchildren’s foot prints in them (she has 5 grandchildren so we made 4 more similar to the one below):

Want to make some for your own house, or as a present? 




Bucket for mixing

Something to smooth out the cement (I used an old credit card type thing)

Containers (you could use pie plates. I used those plastic things that go under plants.   They come in different dimensions. Since I have a six year old, we used the 12″ circles so both of her feet and her name would fit.)

Cement.  I used this kind:


First, spray the container with PAM.  This will allow the cement to pop right out when it is dry.

Second, mix the cement in the bucket according to the package directions.  ( I had a little trouble with this. I had to keep adding water until I thought it looked right. When I poured it into the pan, it was too runny so we had to let it sit for a little while to harden before we could put their feet in it.)

Then pour the cement into the sprayed container and smooth it out with your hand or a card.

Once it is smooth, pour oil on the feet and make your impressions.

  Set it to the side to dry. The cement comes off the feet easily if you wash it right after you make your foot prints.  You could actually just spray your feet with PAM instead of using different oil if you would rather.

You can add whatever you want to the cement (shells, stones etc…) I wanted to keep mine plain.

HAVE FUN!!  If something is not explained clearly, just ask!!


Name decor April 22, 2010

We headed to downtown Charleston to take pictures of things that looked like the letters in our last name.  I have seen these before but I knew we could create one for the fraction of the price.  Plus, the kids helped to find the letters, so now when I look at it I have memories from our fun day together. 

Basically we just walked around and took pictures of anything that resembled the letters that are in our last name. 

For example, this would be an “O”

Here is a Y

and a “D”

All you have to do is find a long frame and a matting that matches the amount of letters in your last name…We have six letters in our last name, so this was easy.

click HERE for an example of a finished project.  These are all over the internet.  Look around to get ideas for your pictures. You could do an industrial theme (think smoke stacks for the letter I or a bridge for N…), nature theme, etc… the possibilities are endless.

This is FUN AND INEXPENSIVE…would make a great date idea!


Just a little Tip… April 14, 2010

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Does your flower basket do this when you water your flowers?

Every time I water my flowers, the water drips straight through!  I end up watering my plants twice a day and they still look dead.  It is already hot here in Charleston, SC and my flowers are feeling the heat.

So, I came up with a plan.  I took a diaper (had plenty lying around since my baby girl is 4 mos old) and poked holes in it…like this:

Then I gently dumped out the flowers and soil (see how dry the bottom of the dirt is? And I just watered it).

Then I layed the diaper in the bottom of the basket:

And replanted my flowers.

A very fast and easy solution to the problem!


Easter basket Cupcakes April 2, 2010

I was in charge of the Easter cupcakes for my daughter’s kindergarten class!  These are White Almond Sour Cream cake with buttercream icing and twizzlers, peeps, malt balls, and starburst jelly beans (my favorite mmmmm. One for the “easter basket” ! One for me! One for the “Easter basket”! One for me…) 

Here is what our finished Easter cupcake looked like:





Icing tinted green

candy for the cupcake

Green sugar crystals



Take your cupcake, and spread icing all over the top.  It does not have to look pretty or smooth, it is just supposed to resemble the grass in an Easter basket.  In fact, you could use any color, not just green.

Next, roll your cupcake in the sugar.

Put the cupcake in another cupcake liner to make it pretty:

…And then place your candy on top.  I cut about an inch off the end of the Twizzler so it would not be too heavy and tall and fall over.

We put this bunny with his other bunny friends:

My son was very excited and so was my daughter’s class!


More Recycled clothing February 26, 2010

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I made this dress from my husband’s button-down shirt:

Then I made this dress out of an old sweater:

(This dress took an hour…I think i prefer recycling clothes because you do not have to finish the hem, sleeves, neck line etc…it is already done.)

Want to know how to make these dresses?  Ashley, from Make it and Love it does a great job explaining how to do them.  She uses step-by-step pictures with her directions and they are very easy to understand.  Check out her other stuff too!  I am sure you will find something there that you will want to make.

For the Dress Shirt to Sun Dress click HERE

For the Sweater to Sweater Dress click HERE